The way in which we remember certain events is about as personal as it could possibly be, and the way in which we choose to preserve these memories is no different. 

I know when I was sat planning our Civil Partnership with my now husband, neither a photo album, nor a photographer once came up in discussion.  You see, it was around the time that Instagram was just taking off and everything was very 'in the moment'.  It's the way our lives were - spontaneous and carefree.  We decided instead, to suit this outlook, we would forego tradition in favour of modernity.  We allowed everyone to use their own cameras and in turn, we did likewise.  The only one present on the day in ownership of a DSLR was my Uncle.  It's just, well, he didn't really know how to use it to it's full capability.  It doesn't matter.  We don't look back on the day and think: "What if?"  Not at all.  We still treasure the day and all the photos we have as we would had there been a photographer and a plush photo book in their place. 

I guess others will feel differently, and in fairness, I don't entirely blame them.  You see, things are different now.  I'm now on the other side; I'm the one photographing weddings.  Capturing all the moments the couples want to treasure for the rest of their lives together.  And I'm now exposed to all the beauty that is out there in the wedding photography world.  

Each of the wedding books I've had the pleasure of putting together have been very different: the first was completely black and white, the second was a mixture, and well, you get my point. 

The point is... it's personal.  

That and I really wanted to show you some photos I took of the last photo book I worked on for David and Kristy.  They give you an idea of what you could expect if you choose to have me as your wedding photographer one day.

I like this part to be a collaborative process, with the Bride and Groom having as much input into it as I do.  I believe the finished product is all the better for it. 

Who knows, one day we could be working together on your very own photo book for you both to treasure. 


Until next time,