The Salterns Hotel Wedding Photography | Lucy+Lewis

I love meeting my couples for the first time; it's a little bit like going on a first date, where you're filled with a few nerves and excitement. 

Meeting Lucy and Lewis was a fun evening. The coffee shop we'd agreed to meet at shut shortly after we arrived, so we spent another ten minutes trying to find an alternative place to sit and chat. Luckily there was a fish and chips shop nearby that was open, so we grabbed some cheesy chips and a cuppa (who said I wasn't classy?!) and laid the world to rights. 

It was pretty obvious that we would get along and that working together would just be the best. 

Fast forward a few months and I arrive early at The Salterns Hotel, in Lilliput. The venue was a new one for me, but that never stopped me having a good time.

Raechelle from Enchanted Beauty Bournemouth and Charlotte of Charlotte Curtis Make-Up were both there, beavering away, making the bridal party totally glam for the big day. From the bridal suite window, you could see all of the guest chairs being arranged ready for their arrival and the approaching ceremony.

This was another first for me, having an outdoor ceremony, and it was just perfect! The sun was shining, it was lovely and warm with a little breeze blowing in over the harbour. Another major plus point for this venue is the harbour, with all of the beautiful boats bobbing away in the water, and it’s a pet friendly venue, so bring your dog and include them in your day.

Watching Lucy walking across the lawn, her face beaming with joy as she stepped closer to her new husband, Lewis, you just knew they were meant to be.

After the confetti had been launched - quite literally launched - (I got a whole mouthful of the stuff) it was time for some fun formals. I’m certainly not a traditional wedding photographer, and I loathe stiff, boring formal photos. It’s a celebration, so it should be fun for everyone. So bring your G&T, your selfie stick if you want to and let’s have some fun.

We had a beautiful couple’s shoot along the quay and amongst the boats, and also using Lewis’ pride and joy, his suped-up boy racer. I love it when a couple don’t take the day so seriously and are able to let their hair down to have fun, it always comes across so much better in your images.

The evening guests arrived, more food and drink came out for everyone to enjoy, the DJ started blasting out some tunes and we hit the dance floor. As I left, I stumbled upon Lewis and his troupe of besties out front puffing away on their wedding day cigars. A pretty perfect day all-in-all if you ask me. I can’t wait to return here!

If you’re considering The Salterns Hotel as your wedding venue and would like to chat about your day, I would love to capture it for you. Contact me here for a no-obligation consultation.

Until next time,

R x