PRIDE - 21st Century 60's Styled Shoot - The Kings Arms, Christchurch


So why the 60’s inspired theme?

In the 1960’s none of this would’ve been possible. Gay men and women, and the trans community were still being beaten, arrested and murdered on a daily basis just for simply being themselves. Then one night, enough was enough and the Stonewall riots happened. It was time to fight back and make themselves heard and to be acknowledged. Pride happens each year to celebrate this fight for the freedoms and to a certain extent, the equality that we (in the UK and other parts of the world) are fortunate to have now. It continues as a way of fighting for worldwide equality for those who still seek it.

What does this mean to you?

I know when I was growing up it was a very confusing and often frustrating time, with very few accessible role models to look up, inspire me or guide me. I acted out a lot and for the most part tried to suppress my feelings and pretend it wasn’t happening. Thankfully I moved passed this frame of mind when I moved to Birmingham to start university.

Fast forward ten years and I had met a very special man who made me feel every ounce of my worth, who encouraged me, inspired me and best of all, who loved me and made me laugh. Oh yeah, and we’d also decided to get married.

Without being that person, marriage was something that the majority of the population take for granted. And I don’t mean that they don’t appreciate what they have within being married to the one they love truly, I mean that it wasn’t fought for; no one was arrested for who they loved; no was bullied or beaten or maimed, or even killed for who they loved. I hadn’t intended for this to be a political post, but in my mind, until we are ALL equal and there is no prejudice toward another for who they are and who they love, it will remain a political issue.

Nowadays in the UK, gay marriage is pretty much - for the most part - a normal thing. I’d imagine very few wedding suppliers even bat an eyelid when a same-sex wedding enquiry finds its way into their email inbox. When this happens with me, however, I’m almost overcome with pride and happiness. Pride because I can gift my talent to this couple and capture their day for them to treasure and look back on over the years to come. Pride because it’s something that as a young gay kid, I never thought it would be possible. At one point I actually never thought I would find love, not real love anyway. It fills me with pride because every gay marriage I photograph, makes me feel like there is good in the world and that we are starting to outweigh the bad. And it fills me with pride because at the end of the day, we all deserve to love and feel love, and to be married to the one who makes us feel proud.

So this shoot was a way of celebrating love in its simplest of forms, the love that is shared between two people regardless of gender etc. Love is love is love. Also, I love yellow.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the local suppliers who helped bring this shoot together and for their hard work on the day and beforehand making it all possible. I also want to say a huge thank you to not just one, not two, but three magazines for featuring this shoot - Bride, Love Our Wedding and VOW Magazine. Dorset really does have so much talent within the wedding industry, which is another major reason why I love to put these styled shoots together; it’s the best way - before your big day anyway - to showcase their talents and skillset. So check out the list of amazing suppliers to help give your wedding the wow factor you’re looking for.

Until next time,

R x

Awesome suppliers involved…

Love By Design Weddings and Events / Enchanted Beauty Bournemouth / Bunting By Jen / Kimberley Stone Design / To Be Adorned / Charlotte Curtis Make-up / Purple Door Props / Swingletree Vintage / Dorset Flower Walls / Patty Cakes UK / Dorset Dub Hire / Jellicoe Stationery / The Kings Arms, Christchurch

…and a special mention to Sarah from Photo Press for assisting on the day

Models Artur & Emanuel / Bridie