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Collaboration - A Coastal Chic Styled Mini-Shoot

By now, you've probably heard me going on about how good it is working with other local suppliers.  Well, for those of you who think I'm talking out my a***, you'll be eating humble pie soon. 

In less than a month, I've got to know some fabulous, talented and inspiring, like minded people who just so happen to be local wedding suppliers.  There's no room for berating and competing with other wedding industry folk - after all, that's far too bloody easy to do.  It seems too difficult for some people to actually contribute and support. 

Anyway, a long story short, we did it.  We shared some ideas and got together last Wednesday down at Boscombe Overcliff for a coastal chic themed styled photo shoot.  God, that was a mouthful.  It was great fun seeing what others do, and getting involved, helping with the set up of our shoot.  After all, most people think that as a photographer, all I do is turn up with my camera and take some pictures - I wish it was that easy.  I like to get involved.

Rachel and Natasha brought so many cool things along.  It's really incredible to see how much talent these women really have and chic is most definitely the right adjective for their goods.  It's hard to believe that most of Rachel's items are homemade - there is so much attention to detail, it's crazy!  As for Natasha, her artistic floristry is so elegant - I couldn't believe that some of the arrangements were artificial.  The combination of natural and artificial flowers was genius, and you would have never known.  So, this will be a regular thing, and I'll be doing another later this month - a woodland themed tea party shoot.  WITH CAKE!!!  So you haven't seen or heard the last of us yet. 

Well that's enough from me for now, so here's some photos from the shoot. 

Until next time, 

R x

Photo Books - by Saal Digital

It's taken me a while to get round to writing this, so first off, an apology for that.  Secondly, this post is all about the beautiful photo books I've now been giving to my gorgeous wedding clients, made by Saal Digital.  They're specialists in incredible wall art and these stunning photo books. 

I first came across them on Facebook as a suggested post; they were offering 40% off your first order if you tested their product and wrote an honest review for them.  As skeptical as I may be, I thought I'd take them up on this offer and you know what, they not only said they were good, but they really delivered the goods! 

I'd tried a couple of other companies when I first started down the road of being a wedding photographer - I mean, who doesn't like a good wedding album to look at - and they were okay, I guess.  Unfortunately for them, okay doesn't really cut it these days with brides and grooms, they're paying good money and they deserve a high quality product to treasure. 

The whole process is so simple, from uploading the photos and designing your layout, to ordering the product.  Best of all, it's delivered to your door a week later.  Honestly, if you're thinking of making a photo book for personal use or as a gift, or even for your own business like me, you should definitely give them a go - you will not be disappointed!  

Anyway, that's enough prattling on from me, here's some photos of my latest book I ordered to use as an example for prospective clients to look at. 

Until next time, 

R x


The way in which we remember certain events is about as personal as it could possibly be, and the way in which we choose to preserve these memories is no different. 

I know when I was sat planning our Civil Partnership with my now husband, neither a photo album, nor a photographer once came up in discussion.  You see, it was around the time that Instagram was just taking off and everything was very 'in the moment'.  It's the way our lives were - spontaneous and carefree.  We decided instead, to suit this outlook, we would forego tradition in favour of modernity.  We allowed everyone to use their own cameras and in turn, we did likewise.  The only one present on the day in ownership of a DSLR was my Uncle.  It's just, well, he didn't really know how to use it to it's full capability.  It doesn't matter.  We don't look back on the day and think: "What if?"  Not at all.  We still treasure the day and all the photos we have as we would had there been a photographer and a plush photo book in their place. 

I guess others will feel differently, and in fairness, I don't entirely blame them.  You see, things are different now.  I'm now on the other side; I'm the one photographing weddings.  Capturing all the moments the couples want to treasure for the rest of their lives together.  And I'm now exposed to all the beauty that is out there in the wedding photography world.  

Each of the wedding books I've had the pleasure of putting together have been very different: the first was completely black and white, the second was a mixture, and well, you get my point. 

The point is... it's personal.  

That and I really wanted to show you some photos I took of the last photo book I worked on for David and Kristy.  They give you an idea of what you could expect if you choose to have me as your wedding photographer one day.

I like this part to be a collaborative process, with the Bride and Groom having as much input into it as I do.  I believe the finished product is all the better for it. 

Who knows, one day we could be working together on your very own photo book for you both to treasure. 


Until next time,




Finishing Touches

In my last blog, I touched upon the little details that I add to my wedding photography packages. Well this blog will go a little more into exploring those little flourishes that I like to add - a personal touch from me to you!

I've always been quite taken by a beautifully wrapped present - I like to think it shows care and effort.  I'm not going to show you everything I put into my packages - that would be bonkers (and would take a fair few blog posts) - but I will show you a few of the finishing touches I like to add to give them that little extra flourish. 

I like to think that colour plays a big part in these finishing touches, after all, it'll be playing a part in your wedding day.  You'll have spent some time thinking about it yourself, talking through which colours you and your husband/wife would like to have themselves.  And you'll more than likely catch me asking you about the colours you're incorporating at some stage before the big day.  

Everyone has a favourite colour (or two).  I have a few, posssibly four.  I'm a very seasonal person and think my mood is altered quite a lot by the turning of the seasons, and with them they bring a very different feel, much in the same way that a specific colour can either lift your mood or lower it. 

I edit your photos in a way which will highlight the colours you've chosen, and to match the different times of the day.  Then when I package it all up in readiness of handing it over to you, I take these colours again and add them in, either in the paper used to line your photos boxes or the ribbon used to tie them up in a bow.  The images below are from a recent wedding I had the pleasure of photographing, all being boxed up now, ready to hand over to the lovely couple to enjoy!  

I hope this blog helps to give you a better idea of what you'll be getting when you book me as your wedding photographer.

Until next time, 


It's in the details

One of the first questions that I get asked during a consultation - and quite rightly so - is always: "What do we actually get with your photography package?"

It was one of the things that took the longest time to decide upon when I jumped head first into starting my photography career; How do I package my product?  

It would have been so much easier to settle on the pre-packaged option, whereby I just purchase the finished product from another company (who would no less charge a fair amount for said service), or I could put in a little more effort by sourcing the items from smaller suppliers that deserve our business more.  And that's exactly what I decided to do; put the effort in.  

After all, you invest so much time and effort into making your wedding day the most special day it could possibly be, so why would I skimp on the details.  

In short, all of the items that are placed in your wedding package, are hand-finished by myself.  From the boxing of the prints you buy to the custom tote bags, they are tailored to your day by picking out details; such as the colours the bridesmaids wore or the colours of the bouquet, and using that to match the colour of the ribbon I use to flourish your photo boxes or the extra USB boxes. 

I've always loved a beautifully wrapped birthday or Christmas gift, and I want to be able to pass on that same passion to you!

Below are a few examples of the USB presentation that you could have as part of your wedding photography package.  And in future blogs, I'll share more about the other parts that make up your wedding package. 

Until next time,