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Finishing Touches

In my last blog, I touched upon the little details that I add to my wedding photography packages. Well this blog will go a little more into exploring those little flourishes that I like to add - a personal touch from me to you!

I've always been quite taken by a beautifully wrapped present - I like to think it shows care and effort.  I'm not going to show you everything I put into my packages - that would be bonkers (and would take a fair few blog posts) - but I will show you a few of the finishing touches I like to add to give them that little extra flourish. 

I like to think that colour plays a big part in these finishing touches, after all, it'll be playing a part in your wedding day.  You'll have spent some time thinking about it yourself, talking through which colours you and your husband/wife would like to have themselves.  And you'll more than likely catch me asking you about the colours you're incorporating at some stage before the big day.  

Everyone has a favourite colour (or two).  I have a few, posssibly four.  I'm a very seasonal person and think my mood is altered quite a lot by the turning of the seasons, and with them they bring a very different feel, much in the same way that a specific colour can either lift your mood or lower it. 

I edit your photos in a way which will highlight the colours you've chosen, and to match the different times of the day.  Then when I package it all up in readiness of handing it over to you, I take these colours again and add them in, either in the paper used to line your photos boxes or the ribbon used to tie them up in a bow.  The images below are from a recent wedding I had the pleasure of photographing, all being boxed up now, ready to hand over to the lovely couple to enjoy!  

I hope this blog helps to give you a better idea of what you'll be getting when you book me as your wedding photographer.

Until next time, 


It's in the details

One of the first questions that I get asked during a consultation - and quite rightly so - is always: "What do we actually get with your photography package?"

It was one of the things that took the longest time to decide upon when I jumped head first into starting my photography career; How do I package my product?  

It would have been so much easier to settle on the pre-packaged option, whereby I just purchase the finished product from another company (who would no less charge a fair amount for said service), or I could put in a little more effort by sourcing the items from smaller suppliers that deserve our business more.  And that's exactly what I decided to do; put the effort in.  

After all, you invest so much time and effort into making your wedding day the most special day it could possibly be, so why would I skimp on the details.  

In short, all of the items that are placed in your wedding package, are hand-finished by myself.  From the boxing of the prints you buy to the custom tote bags, they are tailored to your day by picking out details; such as the colours the bridesmaids wore or the colours of the bouquet, and using that to match the colour of the ribbon I use to flourish your photo boxes or the extra USB boxes. 

I've always loved a beautifully wrapped birthday or Christmas gift, and I want to be able to pass on that same passion to you!

Below are a few examples of the USB presentation that you could have as part of your wedding photography package.  And in future blogs, I'll share more about the other parts that make up your wedding package. 

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Summer Madness

I think the heat is starting to get to me, and by get to me, I mean inspire me to offer you all some great deals.  Hopefully they'll encourage you all to get out while the weather is so good, and while you're out there we can take some beautiful photos for you to treasure. 

Along with the summer discounts announced yesterday, I'm adding to that a whopping 25% off all my portrait packages.  This deal will be valid on any of the packages from the standard Portrait packages, Family Portrait package, Maternity and Newborn packages, and last but not least, the Pet Portrait package.

So whether you just want to treat yourself, a loved one, a special furry friend, a new addition (or growing bump), or your entire family, there's never been a better time to book a photo session. 

The discount runs from today until 31st July 2016, but is valid on bookings made for the remainder of this year.  Obviously we live in the UK and the weather isn't always on our side, so once your date is booked, if the weather isn't up to much the day of your shoot, we can always rearrange it for another date (as long as I'm free). 

So contact me here or via my Facebook page, or good old email at to enquire or book your shoot. 

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Promo Packages

From tomorrow (Monday 2nd November), I will have more time to focus on my photography business as I will only be working three days per week in my other job.  

To celebrate I thought I would launch a selection of promotional packages for portrait sessions.  These can be applied to any of the following: Newborn, Maternity, Family, Individual and Pet Portrait sessions.  All will be 1 1/2 hour shoots (indoor or outdoor to suit you), with packages priced at £50, £75 and £100.  

Package One - £50

1 1/2 hour shoot - 2  10x8 prints of your choice - Full online gallery (password protected)

Package Two - £75

1 1/2 hour shoot - 2  10x8 prints of your choice - USB with 20 edited photos - Full online gallery (password protected)

Package Three - £100

1 1/2 hour shoot - 5  10x8 prints, 5  5x7 prints of your choice - USB with 20 edited photos - Full online gallery (password protected)

All are ideal to either treat yourself, a friend or loved-one (cats and dogs included), and would make perfect Christmas/Birthday gifts.  Please get in touch at to book your session. 

T's & C's:

All packages are bookable directly via or via the 'Contact' page on, and can be purchased as a gift for a friend or family member (please specify what type of shoot you require at time of booking).  All bookings subject to availability (max. three bookings per day).  Offers valid to book until 31st December 2015.  Dates may be amended subject to availability.  Payment for bookings due in full at time of booking.