Photo Books - by Saal Digital

It's taken me a while to get round to writing this, so first off, an apology for that.  Secondly, this post is all about the beautiful photo books I've now been giving to my gorgeous wedding clients, made by Saal Digital.  They're specialists in incredible wall art and these stunning photo books. 

I first came across them on Facebook as a suggested post; they were offering 40% off your first order if you tested their product and wrote an honest review for them.  As skeptical as I may be, I thought I'd take them up on this offer and you know what, they not only said they were good, but they really delivered the goods! 

I'd tried a couple of other companies when I first started down the road of being a wedding photographer - I mean, who doesn't like a good wedding album to look at - and they were okay, I guess.  Unfortunately for them, okay doesn't really cut it these days with brides and grooms, they're paying good money and they deserve a high quality product to treasure. 

The whole process is so simple, from uploading the photos and designing your layout, to ordering the product.  Best of all, it's delivered to your door a week later.  Honestly, if you're thinking of making a photo book for personal use or as a gift, or even for your own business like me, you should definitely give them a go - you will not be disappointed!  

Anyway, that's enough prattling on from me, here's some photos of my latest book I ordered to use as an example for prospective clients to look at. 

Until next time, 

R x