Finishing Touches

In my last blog, I touched upon the little details that I add to my wedding photography packages. Well this blog will go a little more into exploring those little flourishes that I like to add - a personal touch from me to you!

I've always been quite taken by a beautifully wrapped present - I like to think it shows care and effort.  I'm not going to show you everything I put into my packages - that would be bonkers (and would take a fair few blog posts) - but I will show you a few of the finishing touches I like to add to give them that little extra flourish. 

I like to think that colour plays a big part in these finishing touches, after all, it'll be playing a part in your wedding day.  You'll have spent some time thinking about it yourself, talking through which colours you and your husband/wife would like to have themselves.  And you'll more than likely catch me asking you about the colours you're incorporating at some stage before the big day.  

Everyone has a favourite colour (or two).  I have a few, posssibly four.  I'm a very seasonal person and think my mood is altered quite a lot by the turning of the seasons, and with them they bring a very different feel, much in the same way that a specific colour can either lift your mood or lower it. 

I edit your photos in a way which will highlight the colours you've chosen, and to match the different times of the day.  Then when I package it all up in readiness of handing it over to you, I take these colours again and add them in, either in the paper used to line your photos boxes or the ribbon used to tie them up in a bow.  The images below are from a recent wedding I had the pleasure of photographing, all being boxed up now, ready to hand over to the lovely couple to enjoy!  

I hope this blog helps to give you a better idea of what you'll be getting when you book me as your wedding photographer.

Until next time,