H E L L O ! 



This is me, Richard. I’m a lover of street art + goofy selfies.

Photography is my passion + has been since I ‘borrowed’ my parent’s old Kodak 35mm camera back in the late 80’s.

Nowadays I’ve upgraded slightly to a mix of Sony + Nikon and you’ll find me snapping away at weddings across the country. I love pretty much everything about weddings; The emotions, the party atmosphere, the food, the venues + of course, the people.


So why weddings I hear you ask..? Well, I spent most of my working life working all hours in restaurants as a waiter, a manager, bars, kitchen porter - you name it, I’ve done it. I loved the people aspect of it, oh wait, that’s pretty much it. So now I work as a wedding photographer + as clichéd as it sounds… I ruddy love my job!

I’m a HUGE Madonna + Kylie fan, I live my best life when I’m at one of their concerts. I love my movies - Sci-Fi / action movies, superhero flicks, or a good dose of horror… Muhahaha! If you love Star Wars as much as I do, we will be best friends in no time. So basically, I’m a huge geek + proud of it. I’m also a lover of all things drag, in particular, RuPaul’s Drag Race. WERK!! I have a bunch of tattoos, absolutely love the creativity of it, so tattooed couples to the front! I live with my husband, Rob (we’ve been together 16 years + counting) + our two beautiful fur babies, Evie + Amelia.

I love nothing more than spending time with / getting to know my couples. My goofy sense of humour puts you at ease + that way you get to be your authentic self + we get the best photos from our time together. On the day I’m super relaxed and want you to enjoy every second of your day, all you have to do is get your glam on, pop a bottle of bubbles (or two), have fun + let me capture all those memories for you.

Oh yeah, on the subject of selfies, every couple gets a selfie on your big day - it’s an absolute must!

Sounding good to you..?

If this all sounds good to you + you’re thinking about having me as you’re photographer, I’d be thrilled!